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Modern Crew Change Management with Tilla

Founders of Tilla, Niklas Weidmann and Narayan Venkatesh

About Us

Founded in 2021 by Niklas Weidmann and Narayan Venkatesh, Tilla is based in Berlin, with an ambitious and talented team operating from Berlin and remotely from around the world.

Spread across 6 time zones, with 10 different nationalities, we are strengthened by our unique culture and we mirror the industry we are transforming - global, diverse and interconnected.

Backed by strong advisors from the maritime industry, seasoned investors and successful founders, we have the groundwork to build a transformative and lasting change.

Our Story

Transforming the industry

A crew change is a complex, stressful and involved process, and requires collaboration between dozens of people to successfully execute it. It is also a process that deeply touches the experience of a seafarer, the global community of 2 million, that keeps the shipping industry consistently moving.

Recognizing the productivity and optimization challenges inherent in today’s operations, we saw an opportunity to transform the industry with technology.

Our mission is simple: We want to be the digital backbone to the human force that drives the shipping industry. We are launching our journey by building a trailblazing end-to-end crew change management platform, that empowers crewing teams, drives smart decisions, optimizes costs, and improves the lives of the seafarers.

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