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2023 - Tilla's Year in Review

Narayan Venkatesh

December 22, 2023

In the world of an early stage startup, time moves fast. This is indeed true for us at Tilla. Our speed is by design - we drive relentlessly towards a refreshing vision of the future, one that changes the status quo. We really have the best team to realise this change and we cannot wait to create value for our users, customers and the industry overall.

This makes a year in review at Tilla a special event, a time to reflect, take stock of everything that happened, appreciate the many things we did, and celebrate our collective accomplishments.


2023 marked one significant shift for us - we made incredible progress with our product adding many incredibly valuable features to the platform. To name a few - we added the recommender - a one 1-click flight recommendation engine for planning and execution. We also added the Flight Monitoring function, which means we can now track cheaper fares regularly, notifying our users via email and the Tilla UI. Recognising the ever-changing nature of flight prices, our Flight Monitoring feature was rolled out to deliver the best available fares, while saving our users the legwork.


Our vision plus extensive capabilities of our product won the hearts of many more companies and we are now proudly working with well known global shipping companies, including Leonhardt & Blumberg, Atlantic Lloyd, Harren & Partner among others. These customers are happy additions to the Tilla portfolio - a proud achievement for us especially considering our size.


We have grown as a team as well - our company doubled, growing from 6 people to a team of 13 from 10 different nationalities. These people are all passionate problem solvers, keen to change the world of crew changes - they have already made an immense impact at Tilla! (You may have met them in our LinkedIn ‘Meet the Team’ series).


The shipping ecosystem is global, vast, fragmented - yet so well connected. This year, we met and engaged with many exceptional people around the world - here in Europe, in Asia and beyond. In November, we travelled to Manila for Crew Connect Global and were shortlisted for two awards - Industry Partner Award and Adoption of Technology Award. Although we didn’t win - it was a great achievement to have our product recognised on the world stage. We also welcomed many new partners on Tilla, and are glad to be expanding our network and building strong, trusting connections that will hopefully lead to long lasting partnerships!

Reflecting on our milestones this year has us energised and motivated to achieve even greater heights in 2024. Our work is only getting started and we are eagerly looking forward to expanding our contributions to the shipping industry in the coming year!

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