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January 2024: Feature Highlights

Marie McDonagh

February 21, 2024

Here at Tilla, we’ve started the year as we mean to continue. We've been eagerly planning new releases for the upcoming months while simultaneously enhancing and expanding our platform. 🚀

Let's dive into our most recent updates:

Brand New: Flight Card revamp

Our product and engineering team has developed a sleek new flight card design, providing our users with all necessary information for existing flight bookings. The design maintains a clean and uncluttered look, yet all vital flight details are available by simply hovering your mouse over the newly-designed icons.

We've preserved all the existing flight and seafarer information and have enhanced the card by including details like the Travel Agent & Seafarer Rank for a more complete picture.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced our “quick actions” menu, allowing users to copy flight information with one click to share with stakeholders or copy to the users source system.

Emails: Fewer Cancelled Segment Alerts

We've listened to user’s feedback and understand that when it comes to your email inbox, less is definitely more.

In a highly-anticipated update, we will now ensure that our users are only notified once per cancelled flight segment. This adjustment allows us to enhance our monitoring frequency for flight cancellations, ensuring our users stay informed about critical changes to flight bookings without overwhelming their inbox.

Update: Notification Centre

This month, we've enhanced the Notification Centre for even smoother navigation. Notifications are now automatically dismissed after 14 days, ensuring that our users see only the most up to date, relevant alerts. The introduction of separate tabs for different types of alerts — such as cancelled flight segments and notifications for cheaper fares — offers a more organised and straightforward way to view critical information.

In addition to the main Tilla dashboard, the Notification Centre can now be accessed from more areas of the platform. This update puts the most up-to-date information right at our users fingertips, without disturbing their workflow.

Your critical crew change updates, all in one place

As we chart our path forward to Q2, stay tuned to hear what's coming next!

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