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Modern Crew Change Management with Tilla

Marie McDonagh

December 6, 2023

Compounding this, the destination for embarking crew members is more often a remote location than a city, adding further complexity to travel arrangements.

Traditional Crewing Challenges

Traditionally, the shipping industry's approach to crewing has been weighed down by manual, time-consuming processes. Coordinating the logistics for seafarers to board or disembark a vessel without a specialised platform can become a labyrinth of communication,often involving a relentless stream of emails between travel agents, port agents, and the seafarers themselves.

A New Era of Crew Change Management

Tilla is redefining the whole process of crew change management, propelling it straight into the 21st century. Our platform is a one-stop solution covering every aspect of crew changes,from the initial planning stages to actionable insights.What does this mean in practical terms? Imagine being able to loop in all relevant stakeholders with a single click whenever a crew change is initiated or modified. This featurealone dramatically reduces the time and effort typically sunk into communicating vital changes.

Empowering Crewing Departments

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Giving Crewing Departments complete control and round-the-clock oversight of their crew change operations empowers swift action, crucial for adapting to the often time-sensitive alterations in vessel schedules. Whether it's a Crew Planner evaluating port costs using our Port Planning tool or a Crew Operator rebooking flights for a group of on-signers, Tilla puts the power firmly in their hands.In essence, Tilla isn't just about making life easier for those managing crew changes; it's about transforming a traditionally cumbersome process into an efficient, streamlined, and far more manageable operation.

Welcome to the future of maritime crew change management, brought to you by Tilla.

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