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June 2024: Feature Highlights

Marie McDonagh

July 8, 2024

As much of the industry winds down for the summer, it's full steam ahead here at Tilla. New partnerships and a growing team have brought exciting new opportunities, and we eagerly anticipate what the coming months will bring.

Let's take a look at some recent product highlights at Tilla:

Flight Monitoring Improvements

We've been working on exciting enhancements to our Flight Monitoring capabilities recently. Here are some highlights:

1. Auto-Switching for Identical Ticketed and Reserved Flights

Following the success of the auto-switching feature rollout in January, we have now expanded its scope to include ticketed flights as well. This ensures that we capture savings for all identical, cheaper offers while allowing sufficient time prior to departure for stakeholder alignment.

2. Introducing Smarter Logic for Cheaper Flight Offers

While we do not auto-switch to similar cheaper offers, we do suggest them to our users. Based on the feedback we receive, we have continued to refine the suitability of the cheaper offers we propose, increasing the chance of savings.

Improving Transparency with Design

In crewing, scenarios often arise which are time-critical. Flight disruption is one such challenge. Crew Operators operate under pressure and are left to hunt for critical information hidden in emails, documents, messages, and in other hard-to-find places.

With our new expandable flight card design, our users have access to much more detailed information about the flight booking, and most importantly, emergency contact information for the relevant travel agent.

Tilla supports operators during emergencies while also allowing quick access to the travel partners, who often have the means to assist in broader ways.

With our new design updates, operators can manage their crew changes in a calm, comfortable way even during critical emergencies.

Access critical flight information easily with our new expandable flight card

Faster Stakeholder Alignment

Before Tilla, most crew operators struggled with context switching. Many stakeholders and scattered data and documents required tedious copy-paste, download-upload-attach workflows.

With our latest updates, operators can now attach all relevant Seafarer documents with one click when communicating a crew change to the relevant stakeholders. There is no need to download documents from their source system to attach them to emails.

New Partnerships, New Opportunities

Working with new industry partners in the past months, we have faced some new and exciting opportunities in accommodating  their specific needs.

In working with one of our recent shipping partners, we encounter many vessels that do not receive vessel schedule updates over a system. To support these vessels, we had to ensure we could accommodate vessels without schedule information.

With our recent updates, we can now add a custom schedule for their vessel in Tilla, allowing them to manage the crew changes even when vessel schedules are only informed via traditional channels e.g. phone calls or PDF documents.

Should the schedule change, as is often the case, the dates and port can be amended without having to create a new crew change from scratch. This puts to power back in our users’ hands, allowing them to proceed with  managing their crew changes without delay.

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