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Q3 Product Updates - An Overview

Marie McDonagh

January 8, 2024

Let's dive into the details of these developments and how they're reshaping the way we manage maritime crew changes.

Enhancing Existing Features

Our commitment to elevating user experience saw us significantly boosting the performance of our platform last quarter. We've enhanced the flight search speed, delivering flight content to our users, faster than ever.

In collaboration with our source system, CFM, we've improved the synchronisation process, making new crew changes available more swiftly on Tilla. Our ongoing efforts to refine this integration include implementing smarter logic for handling updates to existing Crew changes, ensuring data accuracy and timeliness.

AI & Machine Learning

AI has been a game changer in how we handle flight bookings. By extracting LTD (Last Ticketing Date) data, we've significantly improved our ability system to alert users to impending ticketing deadlines, ensuring they can manage their bookings with greater ease and efficiency.

This feature is just a glimpse of how AI can streamline complex processes, and we're excited to explore its further application in Q4 and beyond, aiming for a seamless user experience through automation.

Seafarer Visa Database

An industry first, Tilla has created its own Seafarer Visa database. This tool is valuable for users engaged with our Port Planning module.

By integrating this database, we provide users with crucial information on travel restrictions and visa requirements that affect their crew members. This resource, in combination with our comprehensive Port Agency & Services Catalog, empowers users to make informed decisions when selecting a port. They can now consider factors such as compliance with travel regulations, cost efficiency, and alignment with vessel schedules, all within the Tilla platform.

Flight Recommender

Tilla's Flight Recommender tool has changed how our users book travel for their crew changes. With just one click, users can effortlessly conduct a flight search for all onsigners and offsigners, significantly saving time and simplifying the process.

Following its launch, we've taken user feedback onboard and refined the tool for even greater efficiency. With Flight Recommender 2.0, users can now apply filters before initiating a search, providing a more customised experience. This enhancement ensures that the search results are precisely tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our users and seafarers.

Flight Monitoring

Tilla's Flight Monitoring feature is designed to take the leg work out of securing better fares. When our users reserve a flight, the system automatically takes over, re-booking a cheaper fare should one become available for the identical itinerary. For flights already ticketed, Tilla ensures users are still in the loop with notifications of potential savings, granting them the power to decide on their next move. Additionally, our expansive network of travel agencies broadens the horizon for finding cost-effective fares, allowing users to effortlessly access the best deals across the board.

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