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March 2024: Feature Highlights

Marie McDonagh

April 10, 2024

March was a dynamic month for the Tilla crew, in which we hit some really exciting milestones; hosting our first ever Webinar as well as launching our seventh Partnership 🚀.

While there have been fewer user-facing releases within the month, we have been hard at work building the under-the-hood functionality necessary to enhance and grow our platform in the coming months. We are so excited for what’s to come!

Let’s take a look at how we’ve been making a splash at Tilla:

Product Highlight: AutoTicketing on option date

AutoTicketing simplifies the flight booking process by automatically issuing tickets for reserved flights approaching their Last Ticketing Date (LTD), eliminating the need for manual monitoring and last-minute actions.

This feature can be enabled at the time of booking, ensuring flights are secured automatically as the LTD nears expiration. Additionally, the system allows for post-booking activation of AutoTicketing for added flexibility. Flights with this feature enabled are easily identifiable by a green ticket icon, and users have the option to disable it as needed.

We anticipate expanding this feature to all users in the upcoming weeks, aiming to reduce the stress related to tracking ticketing deadlines while ensuring the best flight options are secured for Seafarers.

Flights with this feature enabled can be easily identified by the green icon shown above.

Tilla's first Webinar: Crew Operations in the AI Era

March saw Tilla's very first webinar "Perspective Shift: Crew Operations in the AI Era" hosted by Tilla’s cofounder Narayan Venkatesh. In case you missed it, here is a short clip of the key takeaways from the session where Narayan shared an overview of the insights and perspective offered by modern platforms such as Tilla.

💡 Key Discussion Points:

  1. Perspective Shift: Exploring the need for team mindset changes to effectively leverage new tech such as AI
  2. Unlocking Potential: Highlighting the importance of mindset shifts to reap the maximum reward from AI, we discussed the correlation between decision-making, optimisation, and productivity
  3. Transformation Need: Narayan stressed the urgent need for transformative changes in Crew Operations to ensure future success

Thank you to everyone who joined! Follow Tilla on Linkedin to ensure you don’t miss our future events.

Exciting new Partnership: John T. Essberger GmbH & Co KG

Last, but certainly not least, March saw the launch of our latest pilot partnership with John T. Essberger GmbH & Co KG.

The 100-year-old shipping company is taking huge strides towards crew change transformation using the power of data and automation with Tilla.

Stefanos and Nick had the pleasure of onboarding the Gdynia-based crewing team in person this last month. We look forward to delivering solutions to the teams' crewing needs via Tilla as well as continuing to grow our relationship with the team.

That's all for this month. Feel free to reach out to the team to discuss anything we've shared. We'd love to hear from you!

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