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Crew Operations Maturity Model: Closing the Scalability Gap

Narayan Venkatesh

May 30, 2024


Crewing teams face a "Scalability Gap," struggling to adapt to changing demands with traditional, experience-based methods. This reliance on firefighting leads to suboptimal decisions under pressure, as detailed in our post - The Scalability Gap.

Technology as a Transformation Journey

While technology can bridge the gap, it's not a one-shot fix. Technology needs to seamlessly integrate itself with the crewing processes, team structures, partners, and the existing IT landscape to deliver impact while gradually improving the current operations. It’s the transformative journey with technology that embeds sustainable change within your organization.

Crew Operations Maturity Model: A Tailored Path to Transformation

Managing over 10,000 annual crew exchanges, we developed a Crew Operations Maturity Model to share our learning with the shipping industry. This model addresses all facets of transformation - team, partners, processes and technology, to help create sustainable value through cost management, seafarer wellbeing and safe vessel operations.

Every company's transformation is unique. This model helps you close the Scalability Gap by creating a personalized roadmap based on your current state. We begin by thoroughly assessing your crewing team: its structure, workflows, challenges, partners, and technology. This comprehensive evaluation focuses on many areas e.g.

  • What is the current approach to decision making? What data elements are being considered today?
  • What is the business impact of the decisions?
  • What is the team structure? How are the responsibilities spread out?
  • How well is the existing technology supportive in decision making and executing against those decisions?
  • How are disruptions handled?

The Maturity Model guides the crewing team through 4 levels, where they transition from “Foundations” to “Advanced” phase.

Why it matters

The Maturity Model fosters a shared understanding of your current state. This understanding is then leveraged to tailor a path towards your future state. The combined transformation of your crewing team and technology effectively closes the Scalability Gap, creating a lasting advantage.

Evaluate your current state

We've helped crewing leaders in shipping companies understand the Scalability Gap and developed tailored blueprints for their transformation.

It all begins by understanding these concepts in detail - Outline your scalability gap, determine your  transformation potential, and build a phased journey for your transformation. 

Benefit from our expertise and let us help craft a personlized transformation journey for you.

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