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Tackling change management when transforming crew changes

Narayan Venkatesh

November 30, 2023

Change management matters

Change is inevitable in any organization, whether it's driven by technological advancements, market shifts, or internal initiatives. However, change can be daunting for employees and can lead to resistance, disengagement, and reduced productivity. That's where change management comes in - it's a strategic approach to planning, implementing, and sustaining change within an organization. Effective change management helps ensure that employees are engaged and motivated throughout the process, which can lead to greater success and a smoother transition.

Change Can Be Hard

A multitude of factors makes change in the shipping industry uniquely challenging- particularly for crewing departments, especially when considering implementing new strategies and processes.

The crewing department faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic in managing crew rotations, with ever changing travel restrictions and health and safety measures. Now, as the industry looks ahead with an uncertain outlook - the competition for talent, seafarer retention, and increasing crew change costs, the need for change is even more relevant and daunting.

Status quo is not the answer, the crewing department must navigate these choppy waters with limited resources and manpower, and push forward with innovation.

The challenge for the crewing leadership is multi-fold - to be strategic and well planned to strategically align management, acquire the required buy-in not only from the crewing team but also the broader set of stakeholders, and execute and showcase tangible improvements to the organisation.

💡 Crewing leadership intends to transform their crewing teams

The challenge is in crafting a path that drives change, delivers improvements and then scales it up.

Tilla’s Change Management Approach - We’re Here to Help

Tilla is an end-to-end crew change platform and helps bring cost optimization and efficiency into the crewing teams. We in Tilla understand the importance of change management and have a strong expertise in helping the crewing team transformation.

We are a strong partner right from the start, where we work with the crewing leadership and the team to outline the success measures of piloting and implementing Tilla. This aligns the management and the leadership on the impact the initiative offers to the company.

We are consultative in our approach and understand the current state across the team organisation, the processes and the technology being used.

With this understanding in place, we work with the stakeholders to develop a project plan and share that with the crewing team and set up the required touchpoints.

Our customer success team then works on a structured onboarding sessions, that includes a variety of learning approaches:

  • Group onboarding sessions
  • 1-on-1 onboarding sessions
  • Robust self-service and learning tools e.g. knowledgebase, recorded educational videos etc.

We also set up periodic alignment with the crewing leadership and management, measure and report on the progress of the project.

Tilla is an end-to-end crew change platform and helps bring cost optimization and efficiency into the crewing teams.

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